Wednesday, September 05, 2018
By Christine Nicole Photography
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Oh my! No, really Nancy is the sweetest! And her headshots are awesome!

Nancy is an aesthetician at Venus Med Spa located at the Westfield Siesta Key Mall in Sarasota.

She is not just pretty but good at what she does too. If you are yet to get a facial by Nancy, you are missing out on a whole lot. Go book an appointment now.

It is important to update your look on your website, which is why Nancy came to me to get a new set of headshots done.

Thank you for choosing the me to be your headshot photographer (Christine Nicole Photography) for the job. I always love working with you.

I try to provide different options for my headshot and branding clients so that they will have amazing images to use for their social media, brochures, websites, marketing material, and lots more.

At Christine Nicole Photography, we upload your headshots as soon as we are done shooting and I know my clients do really like this as they do not have to wait several days to see their images. They just have to place an order at the same visit. Cool, yeah? I know.

Okay, let’s take a minute and talk about you. When was the last time that you updated your headshot? Has it been more than a year?  Maybe 5 years now? Do you look the same? And please do not tell me that you are using a selfie or that you took the shots yourself.

Every business is worth a professional headshot. Look at your headshot and ask yourself – does it say professional? If the answer is negative, then place a call through to the studio and book your headshot today.

Each headshot session comes with a style tips email and a professional hair and makeup package.

Give us a call today at 727-599-1073 so we can give you that professional headshot you and your business deserve.

And yeah, we do a headshot mini-marathon. This special session includes – 1-hour headshot session, professional hair and makeup, 2 high-resolution images, and 2 outfit changes.

Our special headshot mini marathon lasts for one day only and it is scheduled to hold on September 12.

Hurry now and book a spot as we have JUST one spot left.

Call the studio on (727) 599-1073 NOW! We look forward to talking to you soon!




Christine Nicole

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
By Christine Nicole Photography
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Seeing the smile on clients’ faces as they view their images after they are finished at the reveal is one of the best parts of my job as a Sarasota Photographer.

This reveal especially, is one that I will remember for a long time.

Spencer and Regan, the adorable twins, just left for college this fall and their mom wanted a professional Sarasota Portrait Photographer to do their Senior Portraits.

Well, Christine Nicole Photography is your best bet for the job, and I love that I can capture a milestone in my clients’ lives that they will treasure forever.

I know that might sound implausible but when these kids are off at college, this mom will be happy she purchased a piece of wall art of her babies (yeah, I know they are 18, but they will always be her babies) that she can look at all of the time.

That’s Regan, Spencer’s twin, she's featured in Spencer’s Senior portrait session. Yeah, recognize her?

The mom brought both of them to enjoy the wonderful experience together. What do I say, “Twins who will do a portrait session together, stick forever”? Haha.

As the usual practice at Christine Nicole Photography, I did a style consult with them. Wow! It was awesome. Mom and Regan sent me a ton of texts with clothing options. Now typically, my style consults are in person, but they went on a shopping spree! I had to do a thumbs-up to the beautiful clothing that befits their beauty and a thumbs-down to, well, the unseemly clothing. Trust me, they knocked it out of the park! Great job mom and Regan!

Are you interested in rocking out your Senior Portraits at Christine Nicole Photograph? Then, give us a call at 727-599-1073. We would love to schedule a consult with you.

By the way, we are also looking to build our CNP Dream Team. If you are interested in more information, give us a shout! We would love you to be a part of our dream team.

Thursday, August 16, 2018
By Christine Nicole Photography
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Wow! It always feels good displaying these amazing Sarasota Senior Portraits. Take a look at Spencer, a graduating Senior from Riverview High School. Describing these portraits as AMAZING doesn’t just do it. Giving you portraits that would leave you mark as a Senior is what we do at Christine Nicole Photography.

We got talking before the session and I learned that Spencer will be attending the University of Central Florida this fall. Best of luck Spencer!

Oh! You must be wondering who the gorgeous lady is. Her face looks familiar, yeah? Well, that beautiful Senior girl is Spencer’s twin, Regan. I know, right. It is like a double dose of Good-Looking! How fun to grow up with a twin! She's featured in one of our recent posts. Yeah, that’s why she looks familiar. You can view her images here.

An adorable set of twins we have there. Do you want your portraits to look just as awesome as theirs? Then, call the best Sarasota Portrait Photographer to cover your session. When choosing your Senior Photographer, it is important you choose a photographer you are comfortable with. Why? It is because; you need to be comfortable to express the beauty inside of you.  And when you have a great connection with your photographer it will naturally come out!

Sure, professionalism counts, but we do not only provide you with the right tools, we make you as  comfortable as you could possibly be. And at the end of the day, you are sure to have the best Senior Portrait Experience ever.

What’s more?

At Christine Nicole Photography, we make sure that we take care of you from the very beginning. Your comfort is very important, which is why our Senior Portrait Sessions include a style consult, professional hair and makeup, your session, and your big reveal.

Okay, let's take them one at a time, shall we!

The Style consult allows you to have a home visit from Christine Nicole to help you choose suitable clothing for your session. We don't want you to be stressed at all about your session.  This is actually a really fun part of the experience. We get to play dress up if you will and figure out exactly what will work for your session so that you will have amazing portraits! This package is available to both boys and girls. We want to make sure you look your best.

Professional hair and makeup, this part is obviously for girls only, haha. We give you a complete makeover so you look your best for the session. Not so much, just a little touch to bring out that beauty you have inside of you.

'Your session' includes four to six looks, while ‘your big reveal’ includes thirty fully-retouched images. Here you get to hold and choose the best collection for you.

All you’ve got to do to get this Senior-Portrait-Session experience is to contact our studio at 727-599-1073 to schedule your consult. Simple!

Oh, by the way, we are currently in search for people to build our ‘CNP Dream Team’. So, if you want to be part of something awesome and get some really cool portraits too, then, contact us today for more details.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
By Christine Nicole Photography
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Meet Emily Bayard, isn't she adorable!  Emily is a real estate agent with Michael Saunders & Co in Sarasota. I love when I connect with my clients and Emily was definitely super easy to connect with.  We just hit off and were just chatting it up.  

If you are in need of a great realtor, to find your next dream home or sell your current home, you can contact Emily here Emily at Michael Saunders.  As a Sarasota native she is an awesome choice as a realtor as she has grown up in our beautiful city.  

And if it isn't enough that she is a realtor she is also a personal trainer too.  If you are in need of some personal training or some nutrition help, give Emily a call.  Check out her wellness website here.  Emily wellness website.


If you are in need of updated business headshots, corporate headshots, branding portraits in Sarasota please call the studio today at 727-599-1073.  


Saturday, July 21, 2018
By Christine Nicole Photography
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Are you in need of an updated headshot?  Christine Nicole Photography is hosting our Headshot Mini Marathon Event at the studio next month on Wednesday, August 1st and we have one spot left!  Call the studio today at 727-599-1073 to book your business headshot, corporate headshots, branding portraits.  We offer styling tips, professional hair and makeup and 2 digital images with your headshot session.  

Remember that you are your brand and you only have that one chance to make that first impression, so make that first one count!  


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